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Build My Trip

We will build your trip for you and send it directly to you via email or in a FREE customized Hertz NeverLost® USB flash drive.

You can have up to 50 trips with 50 destinations included per trip. We can build your trips for travel to USA (includes Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Alaska), Canada, and Mexico.

Build My Trip by Email - There are 2 ways to build your trip by email.

  1. Send your list of addresses or destinations by email to build@navigationsolutions.com.
  2. Send a link to your Pinterest board that contains images of your destinations along with addresses by email to build@navigationsolutions.com.

We will reply within 3 business days with your Trip file that you can simply load to your USB flash drive to use with Hertz NeverLost. We will provide you with a printed copy of your destinations and instructions on how to download your trip file to a USB.

Build My Trip by Pinterest – Contact us directly through Pinterest to ask us to build your trip. This takes 3 steps.

  1. Create a Pinterest board that visually describes where you want to travel and includes the addresses.
  2. Comment on one of the pins in that board to ask us for help and address it to @hertzneverlost.
  3. Repin from our Pinterest boards if you need content to show for your trip.

Free USB Flash Drive (mailed to residents residing in the USA & Canada Only)

After you’ve submitted your trip per the instructions above, we will send you a FREE customized Hertz NeverLost USB flash drive with your trip pre-loaded within 10 business days’ to your home or office. Remember to include your shipping address of where you would like the USB mailed.

Please Note: The car renter must provide their valid Hertz rental confirmation number. Offer good until December 31st, 2014.