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Hertz NeverLost® Companion

Planning a trip? Organize your travel plans in one place. Then transfer your trip to the NeverLost system in your Hertz rental car!

Companion is the official mobile app for the Hertz NeverLost system. The Companion user can view thousands of destinations organized into city guides. Each city guide is downloadable for free, with destinations organized in categories such as explore, must-see, events, tours, neighborhoods, trendy restaurants, parks, etc.

Create your next trip by adding destinations in your favorites folder. Then request a download code from the NeverLost cloud. Once inside your Hertz rent car, enter the download code to download your trip into the NeverLost system in your car. At this point, you are off and routing with the Hertz NeverLost!

Key Features:
  • Downloadable city guides
  • Thousands of destinations
    • Enhanced categories: explore, events, must-see, neighborhoods, and tours
    • Standard categories: new & trendy restaurants, events, must-see, beyond, and parks
    • Details
    • Audio descriptions
    • AAA ratings
    • Map view showing destinations
    • Weather
  • My Favorites
    • Create trip folders
    • Add destinations into a trip folder
    • Obtain download code from NeverLost cloud
  • Search for destinations
    • Add custom destinations to a trip
  • Augmented reality
  • Contact NeverLost support
  • Synchronization with NeverLost cloud

Companion App optional for NeverLost system operation

"Hertz NeverLost Companion" - Frequently Asked Questions